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The following links provide access to additional technical FM-related resources:

  • PFM Reform Database
    Current reference materials on Public Financial Management (PFM) reports, including country case studies, good practices and reference models, tips and guidance, academic studies, etc.
  • FM Notes
    Latest experiences and lessons drawn by FM Sector specialists from practice inside and outside of the World Bank
  • FM Solutions
    New series of case studies that shares knowledge on achievements and lessons learned of various governments in the area of PFM. The focus is on the experiences of middle and lower income countries.
  • International Technical Newsletters
    Professional journals
  • Fiduciary Forum 2008
    Materials and Presentations related to this biennial learning event which is organized by the Financial Management and Procurement Sectors in Washington DC. 

In addition, the following links point to publicly available PFM-related information that the World Bank provides in its effort to better share the knowledge base of the institution and its partners. The types of documents you will find include reports and studies on the theme of public financial management, Country Financial Accountability Assessments (CFAAs), and public sector governance diagnostic work done by the World Bank and other partners.

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