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Budget Execution: Management of Fixed Assets



International Good Practices and Reference Models

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Guidance and Tips

Fixed Asset Management, The Need for an Asset Management Policy (Published by the Treasury of New Zealand): Good fixed asset management procedures can greatly enhance the efficiency with which a department produces outputs. Regardless of whether a centralized or decentralized approach is taken, the basic components of fixed asset management are the same.

This booklet provides some guidelines to the good management of departmental fixed assets. This chapter takes a brief look at the financial management reform program and the legislative requirements for fixed asset management. Later chapters look at fixed asset acquisition planning-including capital projects-and the management of fixed assets.        back to top

Country Case Studies and Lessons Learnt

Towards Better Management of Public Sector Assets (Published by the Treasury of United Kingdom): A study about the UK government system and it has evaluated how to improve the public sector asset management. The study is concentrated on efficiency gains from a better asset management practice.            back to top


Other Reference Materials

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