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INTOSAI-Donors Cooperation: Update

March 9, 2012

From: Anthony Martin Hegarty, Chief Financial Management Officer, OPCFM


The 4th meeting of the INTOSAI-Donors MOU Steering Committee was hosted by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India from Feb. 23-25, 2012.  Other luminaries from INTOSAI included:  the President (Auditor General of South Africa), the Secretary General (Auditor General of Austria), Head of GAO (USA), President of the GAB (Saudi Arabia), Auditor General of Norway, Auditor General of Morocco as well as senior representatives from most of INTOSAI's regional bodies (including Brazil, Peru, Korea, Africa, Japan, New Zealand, Europe etc).  The meeting was also attended by a large number of donors (including USAID, EC, DFID, GIZ, Ireland, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, ADB etc).

As you are aware, the MOU seeks to increase support for SAI capacity development in a harmonized and coordinated manner.  The implementation Steering Committee comprises representatives from INTOSAI and Donors and is co-chaired by the President of the GAB (Saudi Arabia) and the Bank; vice co-chairs are Head of GAO (USA) and DFID.  Secretariat support is provided by IDI (Norway) with financial support from Austria, Norway and Ireland.

I am pleased to report that important progress is being made under the initiative:

  • Eight project proposals from the 2011 Action Plan were matched with donors and other providers, all now commenced or about to commence.
    • This includes the World Bank’s DGF support for the roll-out of the International Standards of Supreme Audit Institutions (ISSAIs).
  • As part of the Busan HLF-4, INTOSAI for the first time played a role in international aid and development effectiveness fora.
  • The Global Call for Proposals for capacity development projects was launched successfully, with 55 demand-driven proposals from all regions identified to date.
    • The Bank, along with other donors, have been invited to provide indications of interest - as well as identification of instances where support is already available under ongoing operations.  Regional FM Units are already providing pertinent inputs to this exercise. 
  • Following research undertaken by a Task Force of like-minded donors, the operating arrangements for an SAI Capacity Development Fund were agreed in substance and some donors have already expressed interest in making contributions.
    • The expectation is that the Bank will be invited to be trustee of the Fund.
  • The Concept Note for an SAI Performance Measurement Framework was prepared, following a comprehensive mapping of existing tools.
    • The Bank is part of the reference group for this important task.
  • An international database of capacity development projects was launched by the Secretariat in January 2012.
    • The FM Anchor is presently updating the Bank's database of SAI support projects. 

The meeting also presented an opportunity to learn about ASOSAI capacity development activities and from India CAG’s impressive staff development infrastructure and support provided to other SAIs.

Further details can be found in the Attachments and from Manuel Vargas (OPCFM), as well as information on an interesting new position at the INTOSAI-Donors Secretariat.


For Information: Daniela Ribeiro dos Santos

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