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World Bank Guarantee Program

Electric Distribution Hydro Project, Sri Lanka

The World Bank through its guarantee instruments can accelerate growth in developing countries by mobilizing private financing for infrastructure development and other projects of national importance.

Guarantees promote private financing in borrowing member countries by covering risks the private sector is not normally in a position to absorb or manage.

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§  Consultation on Modernizing Operational Policy on Guarantees. Deadline: April 30, 2012

§  World Bank Guarantee Program for Consultation 

§  The Role of Guarantees in Achieving the Millennium Development Goals   (Real Video 2.94 MB) 

§  Advantages and Benefits of Guarantees 

§  FAQs about Guarantees (PDF 190 Kb)

§  Overview of the Guarantee Program (PDF 1,339 Kb)
§  MDs and CFO: Enhancing World Bank Guarantees and Enclave (PDF 29 Kb)


 Summary Briefings of Available Guarantee Instruments 

§  Partial Risk Guarantee for IDA Countries(PDF 34 Kb)

§  Partial Risk Guarantee for IBRD Countries(PDF 33 Kb) 

§  Partial Risk "Enclave" Guarantee for IBRD Countries (PDF 33 Kb) 

§  Partial Credit Guarantee for IBRD Countries(PDF 106 Kb) 

§  Policy Based Guarantee for IBRD Countries(PDF 34 Kb) 

§  The PRG in support of Privatizations and Concessions(PDF 33 Kb) 


 Links of Interest 

§  Sustainable Development Network 

§  World Bank Treasury 

§  MIGA Guarantee Program  

§  IFC Guarantee Program 

§  Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) - Guarantees 

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