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Objectives & Eligibility Criteria

CFP: Cofinancing

Objectives of DGF programs are: :

  • Encourage innovation through provision of seed money and support for cutting edge approaches.
  • Catalyze partnerships through convening and building coalitions, and raising funds.
  • Broaden Bank services and increase the effectiveness of country programs and projects.

DGF programs should:

  • Galvanize partners to agree on priorities and measurable goals.
  • Share work among partners to leverage scarce resources and seize the advantage of economies of scale.
  • Coordinate with partners to ensure adequate financing in critical areas and geographic coverage.
  • Address externalities through best practices, research, capacity building, knowledge sharing, advocacy and other services.
  • Give a voice to developing countries in program governance.

Eligibility criteria for DGF programs:

  • Further the Bank's development objectives but not compete with regular Bank instruments.
  • Operate where the Bank has a distinct comparative advantage and not replicate the role of other donors.
  • Encompass multi-country benefits or activities not appropriate to undertake at the country level.
  • Reinforce partnerships with key players in the development arena.
  • Provide significant leverage for generating financial support from other donors.
  • Have a record of achievement and financial probity.
  • Have an arms-length relationship with the Bank's regular programs.
  • Have an explicit disengagement strategy tailored to its individual circumstances.
For a full description of DGF eligibility criteria, click here

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