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Evaluation & Learning

CFP: Cofinancing

Self Evaluation:

  • A Results Framework is expected as part of the program’s Partnership Review Note with clear Performance Indicators as a basis for an annual self evaluation of the goals and objectives achieved by the program.
  • Each on-going DGF program should also furnish a brief Progress Report as part of the annual grant application, reporting on the objectives set forth in the Results Framework. Reports should focus on specific outputs and, to the extent possible, development outcomes. The reports may be substituted with program reviews that have been conducted for other audiences in the reporting year.
  • Programs disengaging from DGF funding are expected to provide the DGF secretariat with a Grant Completion Report within 6 months of the closing date of the grant or an independent evaluation. The Grant Completion Reports should focus on the extent to which objectives were met and activities completed. However, they should also be informed by independent evaluations conducted over the grant period and should assess development impact, identify problems in program execution and identify lessons learned.

Independent Evaluation:

  • Following Board discussions and consultation with the Independent Evaluation Group (IEG), the DGF requires programs seeking DGF funding of $300,000 or more to incorporate a plan in its grant application for an independent evaluation (i.e. undertaken by evaluators who are not associated with the program) to be conducted every 3-5 years. Part of the DGF grant may be applied towards the cost of this evaluation. In addition, programs which receive or are being considered for multi-year funding endorsement should synchronize their evaluations so that new evaluations are available with any subsequent requests for funding.
    • IEG has prepared a Guidance on Program Evaluation note that explains the objectives of the independent program evaluation and how it might be carried out.
    • The TTL needs to work with CFPTP while developing terms of reference (TOR) for the independent evaluation and is advised to get feedback from IEG prior to finalizing the TOR.
  • Programs receiving less than $300,000 a year from the DGF would be evaluated as part of regular portfolio reviews of regional and global programs by the Networks.
  • Financial Reporting: The Bank's agreements with external grant recipients require the annual provision of audited financial statements and a statement detailing the specific use of DGF grant proceeds. While the DGF monitors receipt of these statements, primary responsibility for the timeliness and quality of financial statements is that of the Program Manager.

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