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About External Partners

CFP: Cofinancing

The Development Grant Facility (DGF) and the Programs that it funds strongly supports partnerships with external agencies. The DGF helps to fund global and regional initiatives that cannot be supported adequately through the regular country assistance operations of the World Bank.

1. Which External Partners can execute DGF funds?
DGF funds are normally intended to be executed outside the Bank by an external agency. These partners could be multilaterals, bilaterals, foundations, or others like the private sector, NGOs or universities. Most DGF funds are executed by existing leading development institutions (e.g. WHO, SIDA, IFAD, UNESCO, or OECD) or by newly created institutions to coordinate program work (e.g. the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor, the Global Forum for Health Research, or the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative). Where DGF funds are provided to existing institutions, such institutions should have a record of achievement in the program area and financial probity

2. How can External Partners receive DGF funding?
External partners do not apply directly for funding. Rather, all DGF funding applications must be sponsored by a Bank unit, be assigned to an individual Bank program manager who prepares the application, and are reviewed by Bank Sector Boards and Networks before being submitted to the DGF Council for consideration. Therefore, the first step for an external partner interested in DGF funding would be to obtain a sponsor within the Bank.

3. What are the responsibilities of the External Executing Agency?
Once an application has been approved, in order to receive funding an executing agency must sign a Grant Letter of Agreement with the Bank. The Grant Letter of Agreement spells out the responsibilities of the executing agency. This includes the activities to be funded, as well as the reporting requirements, including an annual statement of account showing the use of grant funds, audited financial statements, and a report summarizing activities and results achieved. In addition, all DGF programs receiving over $300,000 annually from the DGF are required to have an arrangement for regular and independent evaluations.

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