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Development Grant Facility

The Development Grant Facility (DGF) was established in 1997 to integrate the overall strategy, allocations, and management of Bank grant-making activities funded from the Administrative Budget under a single umbrella mechanism.

Grant Strategy:

The DGF establishes grant-making as an integral part of the Bank's development work and an important complement to its lending and advisory services. It sets out the overall Bank strategy of using grants to a) encourage innovation, b) catalyze partnerships, and c) broaden the scope of Bank services. In addition, all grants must meet sector and institutional priorities, be of high quality, and conform to eight DGF eligibility criteria.

Allocations & Governance:

The DGF allocation mechanism calls for each grant proposal to have a Bank sponsor, for it to be reviewed and prioritized within Sectors and Networks, and then be considered against institutional priorities through a Bank-wide DGF Council. The DGF Council is supported by a small DGF secretariat team which stands ready to provide assistance.

Did you know?

Over the past fourteen years, since its inception in FY98, the DGF has supported some 183 priority programs with a Bank contribution of US$2.1 billion, mobilizing an estimated US$16.6 billion from other partners i.e. other international financial organizations, regional development banks, bilateral donors, UN agencies, foundations, grant recipient organizations and private sector.

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