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BP 14.40, Annex A - Trust Funds Minimum Size

These policies were prepared for use by World Bank staff and are not necessarily a complete treatment of the subject.
BP 14.40 - Annex A
July, 2008

Revised July 2013


1.         The size of a trust fund is the total amount of funds that donors are expected to contribute to it over the life of the trust fund.  The minimum threshold size for a trust fund at the trustee level is set at US$2 million. 1    

2.         In exceptional circumstances, the Vice President, CFP, may waive the minimum threshold size of a trust fund.  Any such waiver will take into consideration inter alia the following criteria:

  • Linkage of the activity to be supported to a larger project or program;
  • Requirement for a rapid response covered by the terms of OP 8.00;
  • Recipient country scale and circumstances.

3.         CTR will activate the trust fund once it receives signed Administration Agreements (AAs) for at least the minimum threshold.  Each AA indicates the donor’s total contribution, even though funds may be transferred to the Bank in tranches.

4.         The minimum threshold can be amended by the Vice President, CFP, in consultation with the Vice President, OPCS.  Such amendment takes the form of a published revision to this Annex.

  1. This minimum threshold does not apply to externally-funded staff programs managed by the Human Resources Vice Presidency, such as the Donor Funded Staffing Program (DFSP).


BP 14.40 - Trust Funds

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