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BP 14.40, Annex B - Staff Eligibility to Administer Trust Funds

These policies were prepared for use by World Bank staff and are not necessarily a complete treatment of the subject.
BP 14.40 - Annex B
July, 2008

Revised July 2013


1.         Any staff member appointed as task team leader (TTL) of a trust fund:

  • holds one of the World Bank appointment types listed in paragraph 2 below;
  • has been accredited under the Trust Fund Learning and Accreditation Program;
  • cannot have decision making authority to approve the allocation of trust fund resources to directly finance or benefit his/her position; and
  • is of at least Grade GF—except where a specific waiver of this requirement has been agreed to by the VPU Funding Coordinator, upon the request of the manager of the proposed staff member.  Such waivers must be in place for each TTL for which this issue arises.  A written copy of each such waiver is sent to CFP, CTR, and Trust Fund Quality Assurance and Compliance (TQC).

2.         The eligible appointment types are:

  • Regular;
  • Open-ended;
  • Term; and
  • Special Assignment—except that a staff member on special assignment from a donor entity cannot administer any trust fund for which that donor entity is a major contributor.
  • Consultant and Temporary appointment types are not eligible.

3.         These arrangements can be amended by the Vice President, CFP, in consultation with the Vice President, Human Resources.

BP 14.40 - Trust Funds

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