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Environmental Assessment

Environmental Assessment is one of the 10 environmental, social, and legal Safeguard Policies of the World Bank. Environmental Assessment is used in the World Bank to identify, avoid, and mitigate the potential negative environmental impacts associated with Bank lending operations.

In World Bank operations, the purpose of Environmental Assessment is to improve decision making, to ensure that project options under consideration are sound and sustainable, and that potentially affected people have been properly consulted.

The World Bank's environmental assessment policy and recommended processing are described in Operational Policy (OP)/Bank Procedure (BP) 4.01: Environmental Assessment. This policy is considered to be the umbrella policy for the Bank's environmental 'safeguard policies' which among others include: Natural Habitats (OP 4.04), Forests (OP 4.36), Pest Management (OP 4.09), Physical Cultural Resources (OP 4.11), and Safety of Dams (OP 4.37). More information on these policies can be found under the respective sections on the left.

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