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Piloting the Use of Borrower Systems to Address Environmental and Social Safeguard Issues in Bank-Supported Projects

OP and   BP 4.00 are based on proposals in Expanding the Use of Country Systems in Bank-Supported Operations: Issues and Proposals (R2005-0018/2) that were approved by Executive Directors on March 18, 2005. OP and BP 4.00 apply to Bank-supported projects that pilot the use of borrower systems to address environmental and social safeguard issues and that are approved by the Board as part of the pilot program on or after March 21, 2005. General questions on using country systems in World Bank-supported projects should be addressed to the Adviser, Investment Lending Unit, Operations Policy and Country Services. Questions on environmental and social safeguards aspects of pilot operations should be directed to the Senior Adviser, Quality Assurance and Compliance Unit in the Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Development Network.

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