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Reviewing and Updating the Environmental and Social Safeguard Policies (Sept. 2012)

The World Bank is planning to launch next month a two-year consultative process to review and update its environmental and social safeguards policies.

These policies embody the core values of the institution. They are the cornerstone of the Bank’s efforts to protect people and the environment and to ensure good development outcomes. They are also a benchmark of good practice for development partners.

The current safeguard policies have served the Bank, its client countries, and the international community well over the past two decades. In the spirit of continuous improvement in response to evolving circumstances, the Bank will review and update the safeguards policies to better meet new development demands and challenges. This next generation of safeguard policies will build on the core principles that are the foundation of the current policies.

The review and update is part of a larger modernization effort within the institution, which includes separate but parallel reviews of Investment Lending and Procurement.

As part of the review process the Bank plans to consult with staff, shareholders, and a wide range of external stakeholders. These consultations will be conducted through a variety of channels including face-to-face meetings, video-conferences, and e-conferences. A dedicated public consultation website will be launched for on-line comment. All consultation materials will be available on this site with translations available in multiple languages.

Last updated: 2012-09-07

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