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Review and Update of the World Bank Safeguard Policies

Review and Update of the World Bank Safeguard Policies:
Consultation Phase 1

The World Bank has begun a two-year process to review and update its environmental and social safeguard policies. These policies embody core values of the institution and are the cornerstone of the Bank's efforts to protect people and the environment and to ensure sustainable development outcomes.

This image shows different scenes such as green fields, water, and people.

The three-phase approach to the review, as described in The World Bank’s Safeguard Policies Proposed Review and Update (PDF), was endorsed by the Committee on Development Effectiveness of the World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors on October 10, 2012. Throughout the review process, the Bank will seek the views of shareholders and a wide range of stakeholders to help shape the next generation of safeguard policies. This review and update provides an opportunity for the Bank to build on the core principles of the current safeguard policies; improve coverage of environmental and social risks; deliver better environmental and social outcomes in the projects and programs it supports; and help strengthen country systems and institutions to deliver sustainable results on the ground.

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Last updated: 2012-09-24

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