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Information for Borrowers

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 Last update: August 18, 2014


When the World Bank provides financing to its member countries for investment projects, each project is governed by a legal agreement between the World Bank and the government agency who receives the funds. One of the key obligations in the "Loan Agreement" is that governments abide by the Bank's procurement policies as detailed in the Guidelines: Procurement under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits and the Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers. This page is intended to provide useful information to government agency staff including training opportunities, details on the "agency" assessment that is carried out by the World Bank during the preparation of a project as well as quick links to policies and guidance notes.

Assessing Capacity

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Assessment of Agency's Capacity to Procure Textbooks

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Assessment of Agency's Capacity to Procure Health Sector Goods

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Country Procurement Assessment Report


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Disbursement of Retention Money -
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right arrow - blueFiduciary Management for Community-Driven Development Projects

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Guidance on Shopping

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Information and Communications Technology Procurement

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Electronic Government Procurement Knowledge Base

Policies and Procedures

Listing of policies and procedures governing procurement in Bank-financed projects and selection of consultants for Bank’s operational work.

Standard Bidding Documents and Consultants’ documents

These standard, sample, and trial documents have been prepared by the World Bank for use by borrowers and their implementing agencies in the procurement of goods, works and consulting services.

Procurement Guidelines

The  Guidelines establish the arrangements to be made for procuring the goods and works (including related services) required for the project.

Consultant Guidelines

The  Guidelines define the procedures for selecting, contracting, and monitoring consultants required for projects.

Advertising of Invitations for Bid, Expressions of Interest, General Procurement Notices

The borrower is responsible for advertising business opportunities arising from Bank-financed projects.



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