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Public Procurement

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One of the main responsibilities of the Bank's procurement sector is to help borrower countries improve their procurement systems. Sound public procurement policies and practices are essential to good governance. 

The links below provide borrowers with access to information which provides support to borrowers in their public procurement reform agenda.

1. Use of Country Systems. This site is the public information and feedback portal for the consultation process, and served as the portal for the pilot process as well. It includes links to documents and reports on the subject of country systems.

2. Country Procurement Assessment Report (CPAR). This section contains the CPAR diagnostic tool that can be used by staff or consultants working with a borrower country to assess their current procurement system, and to develop action plans for improving their procurement system.

3. Electronic Procurement. As part of the harmonization exercise of the Multilateral Development Banks, the procurement sectors sponsor a joint website to help facilitate a country's adoption of electronic Government Procurement.

4. Harmonization. The World Bank procurement sector is working with the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) and other multilateral development banks to harmonize government procurement.

5. Joint OECD/DAC – World Bank Round Table Initiative on Strengthening Procurement Capacities in Developing Countries. (link to OECD website).


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