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Resource Guide: Understanding the Role of Bank Staff

Types of World Bank Staff

A general understanding of the World Bank’s structure and type of staff and their roles and responsibilities is helpful in case you need to contact someone for clarification or assistance on a particular project.  The governments of both developed and developing countries are represented by a Board of Governors that meets once a year.  A resident Board of Executive Directors, which also represents member governments, meets at least twice a week and oversees the management and direction of World Bank operations and lending.

For more information on the Board of Governors, click here.


For more information on the Board of Executive Directors, click here.


From a company’s perspective, World Bank staff could be said to fall into four broad categories.  Task Team Leaders are typically sector specialists who are managing  projects: they coordinate the Bank’s activities on individual projects and are ultimately responsible for hiring individual consultants to assist the project team. They are not identified as “Task Team Leaders” by title, but will be titled according to their area of expertise: senior health economist, senior engineer, etc.  Sector Specialists are experts in particular fields, like education or urban development, who provide technical assistance to TTLs on Bank-financed projects (and who may also be TTLs of particular projects).  Country Officers (Country Directors and Managers) are responsible for liaising with borrowing countries and for strategically overseeing the Bank's lending portfolio in a specific country.  Most country officers are based in the country that they represent. Finally, Procurement Specialists advise TTLs and borrowing countries on interpreting and applying World Bank procurement guidelines. More than half of the World Bank’s procurement specialists are based in country offices.


Its important to remember that the implementing agency in the borrowing country should be your first point of contact should you have questions on a specific project. However, you may occasionally need to seek clarification or guidance from World Bank staff. Since World Bank staff travel frequently and receive hundreds of e-mails every day, try to make your questions as concise as possible, and please be sure to read all relevant project documentation on the Bank’s website. The names and contact details for World Bank project teams are contained in the PID and PAD.


Should you encounter difficulties during the procurement process, please refer to Appendix 4 of the Procurement and Consultant Guidelines. When sending correspondence to the World Bank’s project team on a procurement matter, it is recommended that you copy this correspondence to the Regional Procurement Manager.


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