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Publishing Procurement Notices and Contract Awards

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 last update: Ocober 3, 2012

In accordance with paragraph 2.5 of the Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants under IBRD Loans an IDA Credits & Grants by World Bank Borrowers and paragraph 2.7 of the Guidelines: Procurement of Goods, Works, and Non-Consulting Services under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits & Grants, January 2011, World Bank borrowers must advertise consulting/bidding opportunities. Additionally, paragraph 2.59 of the Procurement Guidelines 2.31 of the Consultant Guidelines mandate the publishing of Contract Awards. Specific details on these requirements are detailed in Annex 1 of both documents.

How to Advertise Procurement Notices

The Bank strongly encourages borrowers to use the Client Connection (CC) website when publishing notices. To establish an account in CC, borrowers should request registration information using the link on the bottom of the CC home page, being sure to request Procurement access. Current CC users that need assistance with publishing notices can use the Feedback feature available on all CC pages, which will notify the Client Connection team in ISG. Alternatively, they can contact their project’s procurement team. 

Bank staff assisting Borrowers are to use Client Connection when publishing notices. Bank staff should contact Regional staff indicated in the table below for assistance.

Notices submitted through Client Connection are automatically sent to UNDB online, dgMarket, and the Bank’s external website.

Word templates can be used to create the official text of a specific procurement notice. The text can then be cut and pasted into the field "official text of the notice" when the notice is created online. Alternatively, data can be entered directly in the online form using the Word template as a guide. Click here for a quick reference guide to Publishing notices through CC.

As a guide to completing the Contract Awards, Borrowers should use  the following templates:


Who can help me if I have problems?

Regional Anchors can  help with the publication process. They are:

AFR – Rahmoune Essalhi, Desta Woldearegay

EAP - Anita Shrestha  

ECA - Lydia TabiAmelito VelascoIlyas Butt

OPCPR – Teia Thompson-Brown

LCR – Carlos Neves, Miriam Allen

SAR Sabra Lewis 

MNA – Steve Wan Yan LunEmma EtoriKhaled Jahangir 


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