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2005 Design-Build-Operate Solid Waste Facility

Sample Bidding Document
Solid Waste Facility

August 2005

These Sample Standard Bidding Documents have been successfully tested in a bidding situation under a Bank financed investment loan, and are now available for use by all Bank Borrowing countries. Being new, it is recommended that guidance be provided by the Bank’s procurement-accredited staff during their first use. After one year the documents would be converted to Standard Bidding Documents.  These documents are generally based on the Bank’s Standard Bidding Documents, Supply and Installation of Plant and Equipment. Many modifications are included to allow Borrowers to use a single procurement package for “design-build” and “operations” (DBO) services. 


In line with the Bank’s usual approach to bidding documents, risks are shared between the Employer (Borrower) and the Bidder (Contractor/Operator).Generally, the financial risks are expected to be assumed by the Employer, while the technical risks are expected to be assumed by the Contractor/Operator.  Several innovations are also included: (i) a flexible pre-qualification process to encourage participation of the local private sector which would include the formation of joint-ventures, (ii) precise but realistic qualification requirements in bidding documents to assure submittal of responsive bids while encouraging the participation of local firms (iii) flexible contract time duration (5-10 years) to allow for continuity of services and transition to sustainable co-financing arrangements, and (iv) output based structure for technical performance standards.  



These DBO bidding documents would require a prequalification process, similar to the one currently used for the procurement of large works.


For further information, please contact Allan Rotman.

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