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Strengthening Procurement Capacity in Developing Countries

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Updated: September 22, 2011

strengthOne of the main responsibilities of the Bank's procurement sector is to help borrower countries improve their procurement systems. Sound public procurement policies and practices are essential to good governance.

The links below provide borrowers with access to information which provides support to borrowers in public procurement.

  • Country Systems. The Bank is considering and developing procedures for determining the degree of reliance on client country procurement systems to strengthen procurement capacity in client countries and support procurement under Bank-financed projects.
  • Advertising. Timely notification of bidding opportunities is essential in competitive bidding. This section provides information on the advertising requirements that apply to all contracts for goods, works, and services financed in whole or in part from the Bank's loans, credits and grants.
  • Thresholds. Monetary thresholds determine the most efficient method of procurement to be used and are set for each borrower country by the Regional Procurement Managers to maximize competition. You can find here further information on the current thresholds for each region.
  • Legal Agreements. The Loan Agreements on this link are published when declared effective.  Effectiveness may take more than three months from Board approval. 

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