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Welcome to the World Bank's website on the use of country systems for procurement. This public electronic forum was designed to promote constructive dialog with a range of stakeholders as the Bank moved forward in defining a methodology for piloting the use of country systems. 


Consultations were conducted with the intention of listening to issues raised and addressing these issues to the maximum extent possible. In order to achieve this stated purpose, we created a consultation framework that was transparent and provided access to all. Consultations involved individuals and groups from 78 countries (both Part I and Part II): representatives from the private sector, donors, civil society organizations, and most importantly, from the country governments that would be the ultimate beneficiaries of the piloting program. Individual summaries of these consultations were posted as the meetings concluded. Annex A of the Board paper on the Proposed Piloting Program details the overall summary of the consultations.


The paper has now been revised in the light of the comments received, and it is being disclosed for comment on this site as of March 28, 2008. The Board of Executive Directors is expected to meet to discuss this draft on April 24th. The revised draft is available in the Documents and Reports  section of this page.


This site served as a public information and feedback portal for the consultation process, and will now serve as the portal for the pilot process as well. It includes links to documents and reports on the subject of country systems. The Board paper on the Proposed Piloting Program provides an overall summary of the consultation process and details the steps moving forward.


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