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Procurement Policy Review

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World Bank Launching 2-Year Review of Procurement Policy

The World Bank is reviewing its operational procurement policies, in response to the changing global operating context, the diverse and evolving needs of clients and the Bank’s varying business and instruments.  In February 2012, the Board of Executive Directors endorsed a two-stage approach to a review of the Bank’s operational procurement policies over a period from March 2012 through early 2014. The review will consist of identifying issues to be addressed and recommendations laying out the overarching framework for the future evolution of the policies, including principles to guide the formulations of these policies and their application.  It will be based on an Initiating Discussion paper, studies, advice and inputs from a group of international experts and from consultations with stakeholders, analyses of the Bank’s procurement track record, and benchmarking with other organizations.

Beginning in early 2013, the second phase of the review will focus on fleshing out the details of specific changes to the policies and procedures, and their implementation. It will culminate with the drafting of the statement of operational policy and accompanying procedures and to the Bank’s Procurement and Consultant Guidelines as well as to the relevant internal operational policy and business procedures to be presented for the consideration of the Bank’s Board of Directors at the end of 2013 or early 2014.

The two stage review process will be supported all the way through by consultations with key stakeholders. First round of consultations have been launched and will run from may through September 2012. To know more about the review, consultation process, share your views, see the procurement review consultation website.

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