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2012 Procurement of Works and User's Guide


Updated: July 26, 2013

Standard Bidding Document
Procurement of Works

March 2012

These SBDW are based on the July 2004 version of the Master Bidding Documents for Procurement of Works and User’s Guide, prepared by the Multilateral Development Banks and International Financing Institutions. The Master Bidding Documents reflect “best practices” by these institutions.  These SBDW reflect the structure and the provisions of the Master Bidding Documents, except where specific considerations within the World Bank have required a change.  


These SBDW are mandatory for use in major works contracts (those estimated to cost more than US$10 million, including contingency allowance) unless the Bank agrees to the use of other Bank Standard Bidding Documents on a case-by-case basis.  (There is also a civil law version [French] as well as a SBDW for smaller contracts.)


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