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Monthly Operational Summary

The Monthly Operational Summary (MOS) reports on the status of projects while they are in the World Bank's lending pipeline. Projects appear in the MOS from the point they are identifed up to the signing of the loan or credit agreement. After loans or credits are signed, entries for projects are dropped from the MOS.


East Asia and Pacific

Europe and Central Asia

Latin America and Caribbean


Middle East and North Africa

South Asia




The following website contain invitations to bid or express interest for contracts under World Bank-financed projects:

The United Nations produces UN Development Business which provides information on business opportunities generated through the World Bank, regional development banks, and other development agencies. It also publishes the Monthly Operational Summary. UN Development Business is available online by subscription. For more information contact the UN Development Business Liaison Office at Tel: (202) 458-2397 or E-mail:

Guide to the Monthly Operational Summary

List of Abbreviations in Monthly Operational Summary

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