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Knowledge Management, Research and Monitoring and Evaluation

As the Bank’s main instrument for addressing the unique conditions of fragility and conflict, it is therefore, a reservoir of knowledge on the types of interventions that work, and do not work, in such environments.


To ensure that the lessons of its projects are easily accessible to all, OPCFC has shared widely a dynamically updated and interactive State- and Peace-Building Grant Database available on the web. This online Database provides comprehensive information on all grants supported by the SPF and the preceding Post-Conflict Fund and LICUS Implementation Trust Fund. It includes succinct summaries of results and lessons learned stories for projects which have been completed, as well as regular updates on recently approved and active projects (including studies and other documents resulting from these projects).


In addition to completion reports produced at the end of each project, OPCFC also initiates and manages thematic, multi-project Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) projects. The aim of these special M&E initiatives is to develop more robust frameworks and instruments for determining the effectiveness of development interventions as contributors to state and peace-building. In addition to the provision of additional funds and facilitating cross-country knowledge sharing, these initiatives also build the skills of evaluation specialists working for individual projects. These individuals often have limited training in evaluation and can therefore perform more effectively with the assistance of

global experts.


Grants are also provided to research and capacity building institutions with special global or regional expertise, to generate new knowledge, or share knowledge, on specific state and peace-building topics which might be of special interest to fragile and conflict-affected countries.  This support is a contribution to global knowledge on fragility and conflict.

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