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State- and Peace-building Fund

The State- and Peace-building Fund (SPF) was established in 2008 to address the needs of state and local governance and peace-building in fragile and conflict affected situations. The SPF is the World Bank’s premier global multi-donor trust fund to support projects that contribute to prevention and recovery from conflict and fragility, operating at the intersection of development, conflict prevention, post-conflict reconstruction, and peace-building, within the Bank’s legal and policy framework. With its support to recipient activities, the SPF has become an important entry point for early and catalytic financing for peace-building and state-building. The fund strives to capture and disseminate the lessons of its activities to promote better understanding of the dynamics of fragility and conflict as well as effective strategic and operational approaches to engagement in fragile and conflict situations.

Since its establishment in 2008, the SPF has received $128.2 million in funding from Australia, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, and the World Bank and has approved $115 million to 51 projects in 25 countries.

Spotlight: Community Development In Iraq

The SPF funded Community Services Development Project (CSDP) in the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) area in Iraq is coming to a close in 2011. The project successfully introduced participatory development in the KRG areas and piloted the approach in other areas. The project successfully established 20 community action groups, which have completed or are currently working on over 40 community prioritized projects, generating more than 1700 jobs and benefits to over 90,000 community members. Through training and its demonstration effect, the project helped influence the KRG in its plan to adopt the participatory methodology within the Ministry of Planning.

As a result of this success,

You can find more information regarding the SPF in "SPF in Focus", a quarterly newsletter produced by the SPF Secretariat, that provides brief updates on the SPF and spotlights a current SPF project. Please subscribe below.

the SPF recently approved additional funding for a second phase, CSDPII, which will institutionalize responsive and accountable community driven development processes within the KRG government while geographically expanding opportunities for effective government-citizen collaboration in basic services delivery into areas outside of the KRG area. Phase II builds on extensive lessons learned during the first phase and is bolstered by a $3 million in co-financing from the KRG’s own funds to the project, which demonstrates the strong commitment from the KRG to the participatory development approach.
The SPF is managed by the Fragile and Conflict-Affected States Group in the Operational Policy and Country Services Vice Presidency (OPCFC) of the World Bank.


Last updated: 2011-09-16

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