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Select Facts & Figures on Fragility and Conflict

Select Facts & Figures on Fragility and Conflict:

Development consequences of violent conflict…
No low income fragile or conflict-affected country has yet achieved a single Millennium Development Goal.
Poverty rates are 20% higher in countries affected by repeated cycles of violence.
Every year of organized violence is associated with lagging poverty reduction of nearly one percentage point.
1.5 billion
The 1.5 billion people who live in countries affected by organized violence, defined by political violence or high levels of homicide, are twice as likely to be undernourished, 1.5 times as likely to be impoverished, and their children are three times as likely to be out of school.
42 million
42 million people (equivalent to the population of Canada or Poland) have been displaced as a result of conflict, violence or human rights abuses. 15 million are refugees outside their country and 27 million remain internally displaced.
The UN Millennium Development Goals make no reference to justice and jobs, and citizen security is not an area of focus. These are key expectations of people in fragile and conflict affected states.

Confidence Building and Institutional Transformation…

20 years
It took the 20 fastest reforming countries on average 17 years to reduce military in politics and 41 years to reform rule of law to a minimum level necessary for development.
$131 vs. $267
Low income fragile and conflict-affected states spend $131 per person on government services (purchasing power parity adjusted), while citizens in non-fragile or conflit-affected countries get $267 worth of government services in education, health, military and security, administration every year.

Global Governance and International Aid...

Twice as volatile
Over the last 20 years, countries with longer periods of fragility, violence or conflict experienced more aid volatility. On average, a country with 20 years of violence experienced twice the volatility in aid of a country that did not experience violence. Revenue volatility has considerable costs for all governments, but particularly so in fragile situations where it may derail reform efforts and disrupt institution building.
17 vs. 455
Legal agreements that set standards for responsible national leadership have become more complex over time. The 1948 UN Convention Against Genocide has 17 operative paragraphs whereas the 2003 Convention Against Corruption has 455.
Source: World Development Report 2011