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Our Staff

Our Staff

The World Bank's Global Center on Conflict, Security and Development is staffed with a team of conflict-sensitive experts, with years of prior experience and diversity in the field. Providing nimble and high-quality assistance to fragile and conflict-affected states, they are successfully implementing the World Bank's modernization agenda through innovation and a differentiated approach. Meet the team!

Joel Hellman
Joel Hellman, Director (Nairobi)
Yongmei Zhou
Yongmei Zhou, Manager (Washington)
Alexandre Marc
Alexandre Marc, Chief Technical Specialist (Nairobi)
 Stephen N. Ndegwa
Stephen Ndegwa, Advisor (Nairobi)
Marcelo Jorge Fabre
Marcelo Jorge Fabre, Senior Operations Officer (Washington)
Roisin Ellen Mary De Burca
Roisin De Burca, Senior Operations Officer (Washington)
Reidun Bugge Otteroy
Reidun Bugge Ottery, Senior Operations Officer (Washington)
Spyridon Demetriou
Spyridon Demetriou, Senior Operations Officer (Washington)

Mary Morrison
Mary Morrison, Senior Operations Officer (New York)
Hugh Riddell
Hugh Riddell, Senior Operations Officer (Nairobi)
Abderrahim Fraiji
Abderrahim Fraiji , Senior Operations Officer (Nairobi)
Nicola Pontara
Nicola Pontara, Senior Economist (Nairobi)
Gary Milante
Gary Milante, Senior Economist (Washington)
Michael Olavi Engman
Michael Olavi Engman, Senior Economist (Nairobi)
Radhika Srinivasan
Radhika Srinivasan Senior Social Scientist (Washington)
Richard Olowo
Richard Olowo, lead Procurement Specialist (Nairobi)

Donald Herrings Mphande
Donald Mphande, lead Financial Management Specialist (Nairoibi)
Pia Peeters
Pia Peeters, Senior Social Development Specialist (Nairobi)
Diego Garrido Martin
Diego Garrido Martin, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist (Nairobi)
Stephane Forman
Stephane Forman, Livestock Specialist (Nairobi)
Holly Welborn Benner
Holly Benner, Operations Officer (Washington)
Kenneth N. Anye
Kenneth Anye, Operations Officer (Washington)
Anne Sophie Ducreux
Anne Sophie Ducreux, Operations Officer (Washington)
Puteri Natalie Watson
Puteri Watson, Operations Officer (Nairobi)

Zainiddin Karaev
Zainiddin Karaev , Operations Officer (Washington)
Tania Meyer
Tania Meyer, International Affairs Officer (New York)
Wolfhart Pohl
Wolfhart Phol, Safeguards Advisor (Washington)
Zainiddin Karaev
Lillian Foo, Senior Communications Officer (Washington)
Tania Meyer
Asbjorn Haland Wee , Senior Operations Officer (Washington)
Tania Meyer
Anne-Lise Klausen, Senior Operations Officer (Nairobi)

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