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theHive - Knowledge Platform

theHive: Knowledge Platform

theHive is a knowledge-sharing platform designed to connect practitioners, researchers, policymakers, and organizations working on issues of fragility, conflict, and violence (FCV) around the world. The platform will strengthen relationships and knowledge-sharing between "hard-to-reach" groups like grassroots leaders and local government officials, and experts working within Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), think tanks, and the private sector.

theHive is driven by three primary objectives:

  • To create a worldwide community of practice on the prevention of fragility, conflict and violence;
  • To connect knowledge across contexts and disciplines to bridge divides and reduce isolation within the FCV community;
  • To share emerging ideas and innovations to advance best practices in the field.

theHive's online platform includes key features such as:

  • ideaMap: A 'knowledge map' and searchable database within a visual/spatial interface that allows users to create and discover connections between topics, places, and authors. The ideaMap will help users intuitively connect publications, blogs, events, and people in the FCV field.
  • specialistDirectory: Where users can find experts and professionals within the FCV field, mapped by key issues, areas and themes, as well as country or region, and institutional affiliation.
  • socialNetwork: Where users can connect with experts, peers, and partners on particular topics, ask for guidance, or share experiences about their operations and results. The socialNetwork will also connect to users' online profiles on other sites – from professional blogs, to Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.
  • theBuzz: the news center for all things theHive, including updates on partners, events and news about our community.

In addition to these online features, theHive will also host and support face-to-face knowledge sharing events, including roundtables, regional conferences, and a TED-style annual conference.To learn more about theHive click here: What is theHive?


Last updated: 2013-01-31

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