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Getting More

How to Negotiate to Achieve Your Goals in the Real World

Wednesday, July 27 at 12-2pm in Auditorium J1-050

Listen to the event online. (This link will be available until August 11, 2013)

Wharton Professor and Pulitzer Prize winning former journalist for the New York Times, Stuart Diamond, has written a revolutionary new book on negotiations, Getting More. His process was used to solve the 2008 Hollywood writer’s strike, to make companies billions of dollars, and to get four-year-olds to willingly brush their teeth and go to bed.

Please enter through the InfoShop, on the southeast corner of 18th Street and Pennsylvania Ave, NW or through the lobby, 701 18th Street NW.

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Stuart Diamond
President, Global Strategy Group
Mr. Diamond has taught and advised on negotiation to corporate and government leaders in over 45 countries. He has consulted extensively for the United Nations, and has taught professionals from more than 200 of the Fortune 500 companies. In a previous career, he was a journalist for the New York Times, where he won the Pulitzer Prize as a part of the team investigating the crash of the space shuttle Challenger in 1986. 

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