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World Report on Disability

Wednesday, September 14 at 12pm in Auditorium J1-050


This report indicates that almost one-fifth of the estimated global total of people are living with disabilities. Few countries have adequate mechanisms to respond to their special needs, causing barriers to participation in social and economic life. People with disabilities experience poorer health, lower educational achievements, fewer economic opportunities and higher rates of poverty than people without disabilities. The Report highlights a number of approaches used by countries worldwide to enable people with disabilities to access services, infrastructure, information and jobs.

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Please enter through the InfoShop, located on the southeast corner of Pennsylvania Ave. and 18th Streets, NW, or through the lobby at 701 18th Street, NW.

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Tamar Manuelyan Atinc
Vice President & Head of Network, Human Development Network, World Bank

Arup Banerji
Sector Director, Social Protection Team, Human Development Network, World Bank

Michal Rutkowski
Sector Director, Human Development, South Asia Region, World Bank

Tom Shakespeare
Technical Officer, Violence and Injury Prevention and Disability, World Health Organization

Robert Prouty
Head, Fast Track Initiative, Human Development Network, World Bank

Aleksandra Posarac
Lead Human Development Economist, Social Protection Team, Human Development Network, World Bank


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