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Beauty Pays

Why Attractive People are More Successful by Daniel S. Hamermesh

Wednesday, October 12, 12:30-2pm • Auditorium JB1-080, Enter at 701 18th Street, NW


Some believe that there is a payoff to looking good, and they spend countless hours and billions of dollars on cosmetics, grooming and plastic surgery. The author argues that attractive people are more likely to be employed, work more productively and profitably, receive more substantial pay and numerous other benefits. Reflecting on a sensitive issue that touches everyone, Beauty Pays asserts that beauty's rewards are anything but superficial.

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Daniel S. Hamermesh
Sue Killam Professor in the Foundations of Economics at the University of Texas
Daniel S. Hamermesh is the Sue Killam Professor in the Foundations of Economics at the University of Texas at Austin, and Professor of Labor Economics at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. He is a Fellow of the Econometric Society and the Society of Labor Economists, a Research Associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research and the Institute for the Future of Labor (IZA), and Past President of the Society of Labor Economists and of the Midwest Economics Association. He has taught at Michigan State University and Princeton University and he has held visiting professorships at University of Michigan and Harvard University, as well as in Europe, Asia and Australia. He is the author of Labor Demand (Princeton) and Economics Is Everywhere. His research, published in nearly 100 refereed papers in scholarly journals, has concentrated on time use, labor demand, social programs, academic labor markets and unusual applications of labor economics.

Helen Diaz Page
Manager, Talent Search & Partnerships Programs, Human Resources Vice Presidency, World Bank
Ms. Helen Diaz Page is Manager of the Talent Search and Partnership Group of the World Bank since January 2004. In this capacity, Ms. Diaz Page manages different programs including recruitment for mid-career professionals, the Young Professionals Program, Internships, and Partnerships Programs. Ms. Diaz Page is a seasoned Human Resources professional with 28 years of international experience in all aspects of human resources and organizational development and effectiveness. She joined the World Bank (IBRD) as a Recruitment Officer in the Staffing Division in 1986, was promoted to Chief Personnel Officer for the Institutional Personnel Team in 1987, and later became Manager of the Human Resources Team in the East Asia and Pacific and South Asia Regions. Previously, she has worked as a consultant, managing projects in human resources and business development. She was a professor at University Anahuac, and at the University Salesciana, this last one dedicated to educate the poor.

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