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The Price of Civilization

Reawakening American Virtue and Prosperity by Jeffery Sachs

Wednesday, October 5, 2-4pm • Preston Auditorium, Enter at 1818 H Street, NW

In the wake of America's worst economic crisis, Sachs offers a searing and incisive diagnosis of the country’s economic ills. He argues that America has profoundly underestimated globalization’s long-term effects, which create deep and largely unmet challenges with regard to jobs, poverty, and the environment. He proposes a new approach to economic policy and governance, one that can rescue America from economic collapse.

Missed the event? Click here to download the video of the entire event! 

Jeffrey Sachs
Director of the Earth Institute and Professor of Sustainable Development and Health Policy and Management, Columbia University
Mr. Sachs is the Director of the Earth Institute and Professor of Sustainable Development and Health Policy and Management at Columbia University.  He is also Special Advisor to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the Millennium Development Goals, designed to reduce extreme poverty, disease, and hunger by the year 2015.  He has received many national and international high honors, including honorary degrees from many universities around the world and has twice been named among the 100 most influential leaders in the world by Time magazine, and is sought worldwide for his economic advice and his unique capacity and global experience in complex economic problem solving.  Mr. Sachs's expertise includes the economics of globalization, macroeconomics, the dynamics of financial markets, public health and disease control, and environmental sustainability.

Otaviano Canuto
Vice President and Head of Network, Poverty Reduction and Economic Management, World Bank
Mr. Canuto is Vice President and Head of the World Bank's Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (PREM) Network, a division of more than 700 economists and other professionals working on economic policy, poverty reduction, and analytic work for the World Bank’s client countries. He took up his position on May 4, 2009, after serving as the Vice President for Countries at the Inter-American Development Bank since June 2007. Mr. Canuto provides strategic leadership and direction to Regional PREM units as well as groups working on economic policy formulation in the area of growth and poverty, debt, trade, gender, and public sector management and governance. He is also involved in managing the Bank’s overall interactions with key partner institutions including the IMF, the OECD and regional development banks. Previously, Mr. Canuto was Executive Director at the Board of the World Bank in 2004-2007. He also served in the Brazilian Ministry of Finance, where he was Secretary for International Affairs.


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