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Playing Games? Extortion, Expropriation and the Role of Political Risk Insurance

Discussion on Paris School of Economics Paper that Uses Game Theory Approach


Tuesday, November 1, 3-5pm • Auditorium J1-050, Enter at 701 18th Street, NW

A MIGA-commissioned paper explores extortion and expropriation sometimes faced by firms in countries with weak governance. What determines these practices? Does an investor’s use of political risk insurance (PRI) affect them? Can PRI improve governance?

Join the game! A discussion with one of the report’s authors will reveal the results—and present implications.

Izumi Kobayashi
Executive Vice President, MIGA

Ravi Vish
Director and Chief Economist, Economics and Policy, MIGA

Ariane Lambert-Mogiliansky
Associate Professor, Paris School of Economics

Maya Eden
Economist, Development Economics,World Bank

Aart C. Kraay
Lead Economist, Development Economics, World Bank

Daniel Villar
Lead Risk Management Officer, MIGA

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