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InfoShop Newsletter October 2014





Approximately 200 new titles come in every month. You can find World Bank publications at InfoShop or on-line. All other books are in-store only. Brieff summaries of this month's featured titles. You can see the entire list of our new arrivals here.


Political Order and Political Decay: From the Industrial Revolution to the Globalization of Democracy

by Francis Fukuyama

In this second volume, Fukuyama follows the story from the French Revolution to the so-called Arab Spring and the deep dysfunctions of contemporary American politics. He first examines the effects of corruption on governance, and why some societies have been successful at rooting it out. He then explores the different legacies of colonialism in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, and offers a clear-eyed account of why some regions have thrived and developed more quickly than others. Finally, he boldly reckons with the future of democracy in the face of a rising global middle class and entrenched political paralysis in the West. A sweeping, masterful account of the struggle to create a well-functioning modern state, this book is destined to be a classic.

$24.50 hardcover 30% off list price


Voice and Agency: Empowering Women and Girls for Shared Prosperity

by Jeni Klugman, Lucia Hanmer, Sarah Twigg, Tazeen Hasan, Jennifer McCleary-Sills, Julieth Santamaria

This groundbreaking book presents major new findings on several areas key to women's empowerment: freedom from violence, sexual and reproductive health and rights, ownership of land and housing, and voice and collective action. It highlights promising reforms and interventions from around the world and lays out an urgent agenda for governments, civil society, development agencies, and other stakeholders.

$30.00 paperback 

This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate

by Naomi Klein

In This Changes Everything, Klein offers a brilliant explanation of why the climate crisis challenges us to abandon the core “free market” ideology of our time, restructure the global economy, and remake our political systems. In short, either we embrace radical change ourselves or radical changes will be visited upon our physical world. Klein argues that climate change isn’t just another issue to be neatly filed between taxes and health care. It’s an alarm that calls us to fix an economic system that is already failing us in many ways.

$21.00 hardcover 30% off list price

No Future for You: Salvos from The Baffler

edited by John Summers, Chris Lehmann, Thomas Frank

This collection of witty essays tackles everything from the conspicuous consumption at the heart of “Fifty Shades of Grey” to the confluence of tech-sector money and political pusillanimity that’s transforming public policy. It offers the counter-narrative you’ve been missing, proof that dissent is alive and well in America. Be warned, however. The writing that follows is polemical in nature. It may seek to persuade you of something.

$19.56 hardcover 30% off list price


The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload

by Daniel J. Levitin 

In The Organized Mind, Daniel J. Levitin, PhD, uses the latest brain science to demonstrate how leaders in the digital age excel—and how readers can use their methods to regain a sense of mastery over the way they organize their homes, workplaces, and time. With lively, entertaining chapters on everything from the kitchen junk drawer to health care to executive office workflow, Levitin reveals how new research into the cognitive neuroscience of attention and memory can be applied to the challenges of our daily lives.

$27.95 hardcover 

China Dolls: A Novel

 by Lisa See

Lisa See’s highly anticipated new novel focuses on three young women who come up together at the exclusive and glamorous Forbidden City nightclub. All are from very different backgrounds: Helen comes from the traditional family of a well-heeled Chinatown merchant; Grace escaped an abusive home in the Midwest; and Ruby is a scrappy Japanese dancer “passing” as Chinese. They pledge everlasting friendship to one another, only to see their bond suffer the ravages of fame, betrayal and war. 

$18.90 hardcover 30% off list price


SPOTLIGHT: The World Bank Group A-Z

CCSA, GP, AI, FCS, DIME... Sometimes it feels like we are swimming in a bowl of alphabet soup! The World Bank Group A-Z is a concise guide to the Bank Group's mission, policies, procedures, products and services and can help you navigate all the ins and outs of the organization. Priced at only $24.95, with discounts for staff, retirees and others, it's an essential resource for anyone involved with or interested in the World Bank Group.

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Food for the Future

Panel Discussion
October. 10
12:30 PM

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How Does my Country Grow?

Book Launch
October 16
12:30 PM

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Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life

Book Launch
October 24
12:30 PM

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5.What Have We Learned?: Macroeconomic Policy after the Crisis
6. Economic Development: What Everyone Needs to Know
7. Thinking, Fast and Slow
8. A Global Agenda to End Poverty Map
9. The Tyranny of Experts: Economists, Dictators, and the Forgotten Rights of the Poor
10. The Shifts and the Shocks: What We've Learned - And Have Still To Learn - From The Financial Crisis

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