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    Depository & Regional Libraries

    The World Bank's Depository Library Program is a key element in its publication strategy. As the world's largest development institution, the World Bank undertakes large projects of research, analysis, and data gathering. The dissemination of that research is a necessary part of the Bank's objectives, because knowledge and information, to have value, must be shared. Well-organized libraries that serve numerous users are one of the most effective channels for the sharing of knowledge and information. The World Bank sets great store by its relationship with its depository and regional libraries.

    The libraries listed in this directory have all agreed to work with the World Bank as active partners in the dissemination of Bank materials by promoting them and encouraging their use among different groups of readers.

    Select a region below to view countries with depository or regional libraries.

     Africa - Sub-Saharan 
      East Asia & Pacific 
      Europe & Central Asia 
      Latin America & Caribbean 
      Middle East & North Africa 
      South Asia 
      US & Canada 


    Last Updated: June 5, 2009

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