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    Depository Library Program

    For knowledge to be truly open and effective, it must be available in the formats and locations that are most accessible to those who seek it out. The World Bank‘s Depository Library program is designed to bridge the digital divide, by making the research, analysis and data of the world’s largest development institution available to those who need it, whether or not they have affordable or dependable internet access.


    Approximately 200 libraries, including more than 170 in low-income countries, participate in the Bank’s Depository Library Program. Some Depository Libraries provide public access to traditional print editions of World Bank books and reports in their well organized facilities located within universities, government agencies, and other partner institutions. Others offer the public access to computers where World Bank Publications can be read and downloaded as electronic editions (e-books) from an online subscription service that also features advanced research tools and functionality. Still other libraries, who lack the resources for print editions or free internet access, participate in the program by providing e-books and data from CD’s and DVD’s off-line to the public. Through an agreement with the Office of the Publisher, the appropriate combination of these services is offered by each partner.

    The libraries listed in this directory have all agreed to work with the World Bank as active partners in the dissemination of Bank knowledge by promoting them and encouraging their use among different groups of readers.

    Depository libraries may provide public access to the following:

    ·         Print editions of World Bank publications, many Depository Libraries offer patrons the opportunity to read and borrow books published by the world’s most authoritative source of information and research on development   

    ·         The World Bank eLibrary online,  the World Bank's full-text collection of more than 6,000 books, reports, journals, and other documents on social and economic development. The eLibrary enables searching across all publications all in one place 

    ·          Offline editions of World Bank ebooks on DVD, and selected databases on CD; World Development Indicators, Global Development Finance and Africa Development Indicators  

    iPhone and iPad users can locate the closest Depository Library or Public Information Center, plus other helpful information  by downloading the World Bank InfoFinder for iPad and InfoFinder 2011 for iPhone apps from iTunes .

    For further information about the Bank's depository library program, please email

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