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The World Bank and Civil Society

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The growth of civil society has been one of the most significant trends in international development. This website will provide you with information and materials on the World Bank's evolving relationship with civil society. More



Bono and Jim Kim Discuss Ways to End Poverty

Bono and Dr. Kim on Ending Poverty Campaign

Internationally known rock singer, activist and co - founder of ONE, Bono, visited the World Bank on November 14.  He participated in a lively discussion with Bank President Jim Young Kim on ways to end world poverty, as part of the Bank's "What Will It Take" global campaign.  The conversation was moderated by Isha Sesay, anchor and correspondent for CNN.  The event not only generated a large internal audience but was watched online by a large audience.  Click here for more... 

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 CSO's Townhall

Japanese CSOs Spearhead Civil Society Program at 2012 Annual Meetings:  From the cherry tree flower on the CSO Program poster to the enthusiastic Japanese student volunteers scurrying about the CSO Center, the civil society events at the 2012 Annual Meetings definitely had the feel of Japan. Continuing the ascending trends of recent years, more CSO representatives participated in these meetings than ever before. Click here for more...

Safeguard Review

INPUT SOUGHT: Safeguard Policies Review and Update:  The World Bank has began a two-year process to review and update its environmental and social safeguard policies from October 2012 to June 2014. This review and update will build on the core principles of the current safeguard policies; improve coverage of environmental and social risks; and help strengthen country systems and institutions to deliver sustainable results on the ground.  Click here to read more on the three-phase approach to the review and to make your contributions.


Social Accountability Fund Approved

CSO Members of GPSA Steering Committee Selected:  The Global Partnership for Social Accountability has just announced the three CSO Representatives on its Steering Committee.  CSO networks worldwide submitted nominations and a multistakeholder panel selected the members.   The Steering Committee will set strategic directions to guide GPSA activities.  For more information see here (click on tab GPSA Governance).



Transforming Global Governance through Citizen Participation:  The Managing Director of the World Bank, Caroline Anstey, participated in the 2012 Civicus Global Assembly held in Montreal headlining a panel entitled “Redefining Global Governance”; alongside UNDP policy head Olav Kjørven, internet activist Brian Cute, and CSO leader Roberto Bissio. This is the third year in a row that the World Bank's senior management has participated in the Civicus assembly.  More... 


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Civil Society eNewsletter – November 2012 New!!: Bono, co - Founder of ONE joined the World Bank President Dr. Kim on November 14 to discuss steps to end poverty.  This is part of the World Bank's "What will it Take" global campaign to End Poverty.  We brought you that conversation in this edition as well as important publications on climate change and others. Click here to read  and to subscribe.   

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