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World Bank Staff Working with Civil Society

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In order to carry out this growing level of engagement, the World Bank relies on over 120 Civil Society Focal Points working across the institution in over 80 country offices and in Washington, DC as well as within regions, networks, and other operational units. These specialists are generally social scientists and communication officers with extensive knowledge and experience working with the civil society sector. 

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At the country level, there are over 80 Civil Society Country Staff (CSC) working in 70 Bank country offices worldwide to actively reach out to civil society and encourage CSO participation in Bank-funded projects and programs.  

At the regional and departmental levels, the Civil Society Group (CSG) brings together more than 40 staff who work at World Bank Headquarters in Washington in various units, geographic regions, funding mechanisms, and with specific constituencies. 

At the global level, the Civil Society Team (CST) provides institutional coordination by formulating institutional strategy, providing advice to senior management, undertaking research and dissemination, and reaching out to CSOs at the global level.

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