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Partnering with Civil Society

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hroughout its history, the World Bank has reached out to other organizations to build a variety of institutional partnerships geared to promoting social development.  Partnerships have been established with governments, private businesses, universities, other donor agencies, and with civil society organizations. These partnerships have ranged from formal agreements and large multi-stakeholder programs such as the Global Environment Facility (GEF) to informal collaborative efforts on country-level projects.  

There are many examples of active Bank-financed partnerships with CSOs in the areas of forest conservation, AIDS vaccines, rural poverty, and micro-credit.   Other forms of partnership available today for CSOs include collaborating on development initiatives at the local level, undertaking technical training, staff exchanges, and bidding for Bank contracts. 

This section provides background, information, and institutional contacts for learning about and finding opportunities for World Bank – civil society partnerships.  There are examples of Bank – CSO institutional partnerships, how to get involved in Bank-financed projectshow to bid for Bank contracts, how to participate in Bank knowledge sharing, training and research activities, and how to apply to Bank jobs & scholarships


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