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Job Opportunities for Civil Society

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There are many job opportunities available for CSO representatives interested in working at the World Bank Group.  A growing number of CSO leaders and staff have been hired over the past ten years at the World Bank Group to work as civil society specialists, social scientists, environmental specialists, and in other roles in Washington and in some 100 country offices.  They have been hired as staff or contracted as consultants to carry out social analysis, environmental impact analysis, stakeholder analysis, and project evaluations. There are also a number of student scholarship and internship programs available to CSO representatives.

As part of its efforts to promote institutional partnerships, the World Bank Group has also been promoting staff secondments and exchanges with member governments, other donor agencies, businesses, and CSOs.  These exchanges can occur in Washington or at the country level, and promote inter-institutional understanding fresh perspectives, and staff capacity-building. There have been staff exchange programs with such CSOs as the World Wildlife Fund, Save the Children, Nature Conservancy, and the International Trade Union Confederation (ITCU). 

For more information on jobs, scholarships, internships, and secondments available at the World Bank Group, please see the links below.  Since many of the entry level jobs are quite competitive and Bank managers receive thousands of resumes via mail and email, it is often a good idea for those interested in working at the Bank to contact Bank staff for informational interviews. 

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