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Contracting and Procurement Guidelines

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The World Bank has established contracting and procurement guidelines for the use of its loans and grants, and for supervising the execution of the projects it helps to finance including procurement of the necessary goods and works for them.  Government agencies in the Bank's borrowing countries are responsible for the purchase of goods and services to support projects. The World Bank follows stringent procurement and contracting regulations, and every project loan undergoes periodic audits to ensure compliance with competitive standards and to prevent corruption. The Bank's interest in procurement stems from the provisions of its Articles of Agreement which stipulate that the funds it lends are used only for the purpose for which the loan was granted, with due attention to economy and efficiency. 

CSOs, just like other types of organizations, can compete to provide goods and services to Bank-funded activities.  CSOs can also become vendors of the Bank and sell goods and services directly to it. At the country level increasing numbers of CSOs are also contracted by government agencies and World Bank offices at the country level to provide training and technical assistance within Bank-financed projects in such areas as capacity-building, institutional planning, leadership training, curriculum design, and project design. 

In addition, CSOs are also being contracted to train project personnel (for example, community health agents) or to provide technical assistance in such areas as agricultural extension services.  CSOs are also being invited to assist with monitoring and evaluating core projects by participating in project supervision missions, carrying out social impact analysis, and attending project review workshops.  For this reason, the World Bank is attempting to simplify its contracting and procurement procedures in order to facilitate civil society involvement in Bank operations.

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