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World Bank Policies

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The World Bank has established policies and procedures that help ensure its operations are economically, financially, socially, and environmentally sound.   Policies have been developed for such areas as funding, contracting, disbursing, access to information, safeguards, and participation.  They are codified in the World Bank's Operational Manual. They are subject to extensive review while being formulated, and to compliance monitoring once approved. 

CSOs have been formally consulted on major policies introduced or updated by Bank staff in recent years such as loan conditionalities, forest management, information disclosure, indigenous peoples, resettlement, and development lending.  These consultations have occurred via face-to-face meetings, video conferences, or via a web-based discussions.  The Bank is actively working to improve the quality of these consultations to ensure that they result in improved policies and programs. 

This section of the website provides information on specific elements of the World Bank’s Access to Information Policy, and on the two mechanisms set up by the World Bank to assure compliance with its policies – Inspection Panel and Compliance Advisor/Ombudsman. Over the past two decades the Bank's Board of Directors has adopted numerous policies and procedures to guide Bank work in the many areas in which it workds.  Many of these policies are being reviewed in order to be updated, simplified, and further mainstreamed in Bank operations and to be adopted by the Bank's government-partner agencies.  Thus Operational Directives are being converted to Operational Policies, Bank Procedures, and Good Practice notes.

Most Recently Changed Operational Policies (OPs)

Most Recently Changed Bank Procedures (BPs)

Bank's Good Practices (GPs)

Operational Directives (ODs) and Operational Memoranda

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