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The World Bank produces a wide array of publications ranging from its annual flagship publications to sector reports, and country-based studies on a variety of topics. Each of the regions, networks, and other operational units also publish studies and reports. The World Bank’s best known annual publications include the World Development Report (WDR) which every year is on a different development topic, Global Economic Prospect (GEP) which contains statistical data and analysis on the global economy, and the Annual Report which reports on the Bank’s previous years activities. Each of the many regions, networks, and country offices of the Bank also publish regular reports or special studies.

The Bank also produces a growing number of publications on social development topics and issues. This includes the Voices of Poor series which was based on interviews of low-income persons in 60 countries, books and studies on social exclusion, gender, and empowerment, and various handbooks such as the Participation, Social Analysis and Counsultation sourcebooks.

Most of these publications can be accessed online, while others can be purchased or ordered at the Bank’s Infoshop or more than 60 Public Information Centers located around the world. The Infoshop located in Washington, DC is the World Bank's development bookstore and information center, a one-stop-shop for economic development literature and a source of information on the Bank's work. The InfoShop serves a worldwide audience via the Internet, the retail store, and through the network of PICs in World Bank country offices. Project-related documents about the customer's country may be obtained free of charge from the Bank's country offices in that country or, from the InfoShop in Washington D.C.

The Bank is also publishing a growing number of publications about its civil society engagement work and experience. This includes regular World Bank – Civil Society Engagement Reviews, a monthly Civil Society Engagement eNewsletter, the booklet Working Together and specific country studies and publications.

This section will present studies, publications, and other materials produced by World Bank on Civil Society as well as those produced by Civil Society on the WB.

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