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World Bank-Civil Society Joint Facilitation Committee (JFC)


The Joint Facilitation Committee (JFC) is a joint World Bank – Civil Society working group committed to exploring transparent and effective mechanisms for dialogue and engagement between civil society and the World Bank at the global level.  The JFC, an outgrowth of the former World Bank NGO Working Group, is was initially composed of 14 regional and international civil society networks and staff and senior managers from the World Bank.

The first meeting of the expanded JFC was held at the World Bank on October 27-29, 2003 and brought together nearly 60 Bank staff and CSO participants.  The meetings were chaired by Mamphela Ramphele, World Bank Managing Director and Kumi Naidoo, Head of CIVICUS, and allowed participants to discuss the current state of World Bank-civil society engagement, as well as explore possible follow-up activities geared to both improving the quality of WB-CSO engagement and providing space to address global development challenges. 

The World Bank also presented a paper entitled "Issues and Options for Improving Engagement Between the World Bank and Civil Society Organizations" (October 2003 version) which analyzes the state of current Bank – civil society relations.  For more details on the meeting and participants see the “Co-Chair’s Summary” report and List of Participants.  A more extensive report of the October 27-29 meetings is also available.

[The Issues and Options for Improving Engagement Between the World Bank and Civil Society Organizations has since been updated and finalized.  More information on that process and to review the final (April 2005) version of the document endorsed by the World Bank Board in January of 2005 can be found here]

At the October 2003 meeting, an 18-month workplan was agreed upon.  It included comissioning of an independent study on Bank – Civil Society relations to be undertaken by CSOs and holding of a Global Policy Forum on a topic of mutual interest.   The planning for both of these activities – Civil Society Discussion Paper and World Bank – Civil Society Global Policy Forum – were initiated following the JFC meeting.  Once they are concluded, the JFC process will be phased out in May 2005. 

[The World Bank - Civil Society Global Policy Forum was held in April of 2005.  More information]

Please review the Terms of Reference for Discussion Paper on World Bank - Civil Society Engagement and the Request for Submissions to the Discussion Paper on World Bank – Civil Society Engagement

[Final discussion paper titled: “Call for Participatory Decision Making” was drafted by two independent researchers and commissioned by 16 international CSO networks, members of the Joint Facilitation Committee (JFC).  The paper was presented at the April 2005 World Bank - Civil Society Global Policy Forum.  More information]


Last updated: April, 2005

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