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Discussion on World Bank-Civil Society Engagement

Taking a closer look at Bank/Civil Society Relations
Discussion of the 2003 draft of: "Issues and Options for Improving Engagement Between the World Bank and Civil Society Organizations"

Between October 2003 and February 2004, the Bank's Civil Society Team, which includes staff from the World Bank's External Affairs and Social Development Departments, invited comments on the 2003 draft of the paper: "Issues and Options for Improving Engagement Between the World Bank and Civil Society Organizations" from all interested organizations and individuals.  

The paper analyzes the Bank's extensive experience over the past few years of engaging CSOs in a broad range of development operations and in policy dialogue.  It scans the authorizing framework for this engagement, and reviews some of the implications of the extensive internal and external changes which have occurred since the last such review was completed in 1998.  Based on this analysis, the paper identifies four major issues and seven priority actions for the Bank, as well as a number of other options for further discussion.

An electronic Discussion Forum was set up to facilitate electronic comments, supported by a number of face-to-face and video-dialogues with members of the drafting team organized during the month of February 2004.

  1. December 16, 2003 in Washington, D.C [face-to-face]

The drafting team made every effort to reflect all comments received in the preparation of the final draft, which will be sent to the Bank's Board of Executive Directors for review in the summer of 2004. Comments received will be posted and will also be shared with the Board and to Bank management for their consideration.  Summaries of the paper are available in Arabic, EnglishFrenchPortuguese, Russian, and Spanish

For questions about the paper, please contact the Civil Society Team.

Last updated: July 27, 2004

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