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2004 Spring Meetings

Each Spring, the joint Bank-IMF Development Committee and the IMF's International Monetary and Financial Committee hold meetings to discuss progress on the work of the Bank and Fund. The 2004 Spring Meetings were held in Washington, DC on April 24-25.

The agenda for the Development Committee meeting included discussions of the Global Monitoring Report on the MDGs, Education for All Fast Track Initiative progress report, Financing Modalities toward reaching the MDGs, and Debt Sustainability

Dialogues for Civil Society Organizations
A number of dialogues for interested civil society organizations were organized around the Meetings on issues including the Fund's work in low-income countries, debt relief, MDGs, IFC safeguard policies, and expanding developing country voice and participation on the IMF/WB Boards. 

Summaries of some of these sessions are being posted on the Spring Meetings 2004 Dialogues website.

All documents that were discussed by the International Monetary and Financial Committee as well the Development Committee as well other relevant documents from both the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are available at the 2004 Spring Meetings Briefing Center website.

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