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Post-Conflict Fund (PCF)

What activities does the program fund? Supporting 'conflict vulnerable' countries as well as those in transition from conflict for planning and analysis of reconstruction and conflict prevention activities. Grants are focused on the restoration of the lives and livelihood of war-affected population, with a premium placed on innovative approaches to conflict, partnerships with donors and executing agencies and leveraging resources through a variety of funding arrangements.

Who is eligible? NGOs and other civil society institutions, governments, regional and international organizations in any country that is currently in conflict or emerging from a recent conflict.

How to apply? Application form available on PCF website. Upon receipt of a completed application form, PCF will identify a sponsoring unit within the World Bank. Alternatively, external grant applicants (NGOs, governments) can work closely with relevant Bank country or project teams to prepare a PCF grant application. Grant proposals must have active support from a relevant World Bank Unit. The Conflict Prevention and Reconstruction Unit is available to provide clarifications at any time.


World Bank Unit: Fragile and Conflict-Affected Countries Group, Operations Policy and Country Services Vice-Presidency


Civil Society Fund (formerly known as Small Grants Program)

What activities does the program fund? The Civil Society Fund (CSF) supports activities of civil society organizations whose primary objective is encouraging and supporting civic engagement of these target populations.  By involving citizens who are often excluded from the public arena, and increasing their capacity to influence policy and program decisions, the CSF helps facilitate ownership of development initiatives by a broader sector of society. Funding is usually for projects less than $15,000 and require leveraging and partnerships with other organizations.

Who is eligible? Civil society organizations in countries where the World Bank manages the Civil Society Fund.

How to apply? Request information about the Civil Society Fund from the World Bank Country Office in which the project is located. Deadlines for proposals are usually once a year. Funding decisions are made at the local World Bank office.


World Bank Unit: Civil Society Fund Secretariat, Social Development Department


Grants Facility for Indigenous Peoples

What activities does the program fund?  The Grants Facility for Indigenous Peoples supports sustainable and culturally appropriate development projects planned and implemented by and for Indigenous peoples. Proposals must directly benefit indigenous peoples in a culturally appropriate, sustainable, and gender inclusive manner and address issues central to indigenous peoples' aspirations. Examples of the type of projects supported by the Grants Facility are innovative pilot projects that build on indigenous culture, identity, knowledge, natural resources, intellectual property and human rights, and/or institutions.

Who is eligible? Applicant must be an Indigenous Peoples' community or not-for-profit/non-governmental Indigenous Peoples' organizations and must be must be legally registered in the country of grant implementation. The country must be eligible to borrow from the World Bank (IBRD and/or IDA). Please visit the website for further details.

How to apply? Applicants should carefully read the guidelines of the Grants Facility for Indigenous Peoples.


World Bank Unit: World Bank Grants Facility for Indigenous Peoples, Social Development Department

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