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2008 Spring Meetings

SMs 2008 logo - small The World Bank and International Monetary Fund's Civil Society Teams surveyed civil society representatives who attended the 2008 Spring Meetings to ascertain their views on the Civil Society Policy Forum and other events.  Feedback was received via a questionnaire that was distributed during the meetings and via the web.  Responses were received from 28 individuals out of 200 participants who arrived at the Meetings, which represents a 14% response rate..


As the graph shows below, the majority of those surveyed stated the main reason for having attended the Spring Meetings was to “learn about Bank/Fund policies (82%), followed by “to network and share information(70%).

survey question 1

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The survey also recorded the views of participants regarding logistics (accreditation, convenience of meeting rooms, and helpfulness of World Bank/IMF staff) various events (policy dialog sessions, a briefing with Bank and Fund Managers, reception with Bank president and Fund Managing Director) and quality and usefulness of the Forum. 

In terms of the Civil Society Policy Forum they rated as good / very good “assistance from Civil Society Team” the highest (92%), followed by “convenience of civil society rooms” (91%), and “accreditation process” (81%).   

Respondents rated the different sessions in this way: “policy dialogue sessions” (75%), followed by “reception with Bank President and IMF Managing Director” and “briefing with Bank managers”, both with (71%).

In terms of the overall views of the Policy Forum, the great majority found them to be good / very good: for overall “usefullness” (93%), “quality” (86%), and “relevance” (71%).

Written Comments

Participants also provided useful feedback when asked to provide comments on what “worked best”, and “recommendations to improve” the Forum.

Here are a few responses to  what “worked best” at the Policy Forum:

  • high level of organization of the Policy Forum 
  • relevance of the topics and quality of the presentations
  • opportunities to interact with Bank staff and to network among CSOs
  • interactive nature of the sessions and space for dialogue

Here are some " recommendations to improve" the Forum :

  • use of larger room with more seating capacity
  • offer translation in other languages
  • distribute Forum program ahead of time
  • assure the participation of more Bank staff in the sessions
  • guarantee equal space for developing country CSO representatives voices to be heard

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