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2009 World Bank-IMF Spring Meetings General Information

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The Civil Society Policy Forum, was held from Thursday (April 23) to Sunday (April 26), prior and during the 2009 Spring Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group. It was organized by the WBG and IMF Civil Society Teams. The Forum brought together Bank and Fund staff, CSO representatives, government officials, and others to exchange views on a variety of topics ranging from the global economic crisis and climate change, to information disclosure. It also included a Reception with Bank President Robert Zoellick and Fund Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

We will be posting summary notes, participants lists, presentations, and photos from many of the 30 policy dialogue sessions listed below in the coming weeks.  Thus please
check back frequently.   For more information on these sessions please contact us at or (202) 473-1840.

Accreditation (Online registration now Closed)
Civil Society Participation in Spring Meetings
Civil Society Policy Forum (Schedule)
Orientation Session on the World Bank and IMF for Civil Society Representatives 
Registration and Badge pick-up
CSO Meeting Rooms/Work Spaces at the Spring Meetings
Access to Press Conferences/Contacts with Journalists
IMFC and Development Committee
Airport Transportation 


The online registration system to accept applications for civil society accreditation opened on March 16, 2009 and closed on April 13, 2009. If you have questions about your accreditation request, please contact Mamata Pokharel at or (202) 458-2820.

All CSO requests for accreditation are first reviewed by the External Affairs Department of the Bank (EXT) and the External Relations Department of the Fund (EXR).  EXT/EXR will then forward the individual applications for accreditation to the respective Executive Director's office (based on the country from which the request originated), for clearance. The Executive Directors have 8 working days to approve or reject the requests for accreditation. At the end of this process, the applicant will be notified by the Civil Society Team (EXT/EXR) of the final decision.

The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund accredit CSOs that engage with the Bank and the Fund on a broad range of development operations and in policy dialogues at the local, national, and global level. There is no limit to the number of members of applicants from a single organization, but each applicant has to apply individually.

Accredited individuals will be issued a color-coded badge—valid from Monday, April 20 - Sunday, April 26—that will entitle them access to the World Bank MC building, where the Civil Society Policy Forum sessions will be held, and the Fund HQ1 building, where the press room and CSO press room are located. If you have appointments in other buildings, you might have to be met by a WB/IMF staff member to ensure access to the building.


Civil Society Participation in Spring Meetings

The Spring Meetings are generally held on a smaller scale than the Annual Meetings in the Fall.  Accredited CSOs will be able to participate in the Civil Society Policy Forum and the Orientation Session.

Civil Society Policy Forum

The WB and IMF Civil Society Teams are in the process of organizing the Civil Society Policy Forum during the 2009 Spring Meetings. The Forum will comprise of a series of policy dialogue sessions which bring together Bank and Fund staff, CSO representatives, government officials, and others to discuss important issues being addressed during the 2009 Spring Meetings. All accredited CSO representatives are welcome to attend the sessions which will be held at the Bank’s Main Complex Building between Thursday, April 23 and Sunday, April 26, 2009.

Please check our website for regular updates on the Civil Society Policy Forum Schedule.


 Orientation Session on the World Bank and IMF for CSO Representatives

The World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund civil society teams will be offering an orientation session for interested CSO representatives attending the 2009 Spring Meetings.  The session will be held on Wednesday, April 22 at the World Bank Headquarters building in Washington, DC. The purpose of the session is to better familiarize CSOs participating in the Spring Meetings on how the WBG and IMF operate and how they engage with the civil society sector. Topics covered in this session will include: origins, policies, and work of the WBG (IBRD, IFC, and MIGA), and the policies and work of the IMF. 

Please register by sending an email to Nneka Okereke (  Space is limited and therefore participation will be granted on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Registration and Badge pick-up

The Spring Meetings Registration office and badge pick-up will be located in the World Bank H building (600 19th Street, NW) and will be open for the entire week of the Meetings from Monday, April 20 through Sunday, April 26.

Civil Society Meeting Rooms/Work Spaces at the Spring Meetings

CSO representatives accredited to the Spring Meetings will have at their disposal two meeting spaces in the IMF and WB buildings available from Thursday, April 23, through Sunday, April 26.

  • The IMF CSO press room will be located in B-615 on the blue level (2L)  in the HQ1 building of the International Monetary Fund (700 19th Street, NW), right next to the main press room and can be used for meetings with journalists, CSO press conferences etc. It will be equipped with a limited number of computers, printers, a copier and a live feed from the press conference room.  All communiqués and other press releases, once public and made available to the journalists, will also be distributed in that space.
  • At the World Bank Main Complex building (1818 H Street NW), CSOs will be able to access the CSO Space located on the C1 level. The CS Forum will be held in the two (2) adjacent conference rooms (MC C1-100 and MC C1-200) on that level. There will be wireless internet connection in that space, a photocopier, as well as two (2) smaller meeting rooms for CSO use.


Access to press conferences/contacts with journalists

CSOs are allowed ample access to the media during the Annual Meetings.  They have access to the Press Room and can hold press conferences in the CSO Room.  In order to be considerate of the journalist’s work space and independence, leafleting is prohibited in the press room. CSOs may discreetly hand out materials to interested journalists and a table for CSO materials will be provided in the Press Room.  While CSO representatives are not allowed in official press conferences, they will be able to follow the press events via a live TV feed located in the CSO Room next to the Press Room. 

CSOs can also schedule press conferences in the CSO Room on a sign-up basis.  The IMF/WB Civil Society Team staff will place all WB/IMF statements, press releases, etc. on the tables in front of the CSO Room in the IMF, as well as in the World Bank’s CSO Center as they become available.  In addition, the IMF/WB civil society team staff is happy to facilitate CSO contacts with journalists as requested.


IMFC and Development Committees

The Development Committee (DC) of the World Bank has the mandate to advise the Boards of Governors of the Bank and the Fund on critical development issues and on the financial resources required to promote economic development in developing countries. The International Monetary Fund Committee (IMFC) has the responsibility of advising, and reporting to, the Board of Governors of the IMF on matters relating to the Board of Governors' functions in supervising the management and adaptation of the international monetary and financial system. Both committees meet twice a year in the spring (Spring Meetings); and in the fall before the Bank-Fund Annual Meetings.

The agenda for the DC and IMFC meetings is based on issues recommended by the Chairmen, the President of the Bank (DC-only), the Managing Director of the Fund, and the Executive Boards of the Bank and Fund (Fund-only for IMFC). Please check back for updates on the provisional agenda of the IMFC and Development Committee as well as the documents to be discussed.

Accreditation does not entitle CSO representatives to attend the IMFC and DC Meetings, and these are for member country delegates.  Background papers, statements by official delegates, and communiqués will be made available in the CSO room and will be posted online.

Go to 2009 Spring Meetings official website for more about the DC and more about the IMFC.



The IMF and the World Bank do not assist in the visa application process.  We are, however, happy to issue you a letter confirming your accreditation status once you have received your accreditation in order to facilitate the visa application process.  For those requiring a visa to enter the United State, we suggest that you request accreditation as soon as possible, since numerous applicants have reported delays in the visa processing period in the past few years. To request a letter of confirmation, please contact us via email at:

Airport Transportation

The World Bank and/or the International Monetary Fund do not provide transportation services to and from the airport(s) for CSOs participating in the Spring Meetings. We suggest that you refer to the websites of the respective local airports (see below) for the form of transportation you prefer (i.e. bus, metro, taxi). 
Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority


If you have any questions, please contact us by email at: or, by phone: (1-202) 473-1840, or by fax: (1-202) 522-7131.

On-Line Registration Form

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